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Women’s football in St. Kits and Nevis got a boost on the weekend with the SKNFA Women’s 7v7 Football Festival, held at Warner Park on Saturday. There were four participating teams, each playing with seven players at 15 minutes per half: MFCR Old Road United Jets, Nagico Cayon Rockets women’s team, Bath United and Village Superstars. In the end, Old Road women emerged as the victors, defeating all their opponents in a round-robin format. Their manager Kiwanna Browne said this win, means a lot to the team and serves as a motivator when the Women’s League begins. “It’s a very good win for the team. We are a young and upcoming female team. We’ve been training hard so I am very happy for the win. We are undefeated (in this competition),” Browne said. This win is a statement win…we are looking forward to all the other tournaments, having the same results,” she added.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Women’s Committee on the SKNFA Executive Patricia Claxton explained the concept behind the Women’s Football Festival. “We all know there was COVID and there was no football happening. In order for us to get it started, we decided to have a festival to get the girls in tune with playing again and then we will be having the official start (of the Women’s League) in a few days or so,” Claxton said. President of the SKNFA Atiba Harris has listed developing football as a priority for his executive.