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Over $100,000 in prize money and awards for Super Six Playoffs

The Inaugural SKNFA Super Six Playoffs is poised to be very lucrative for teams in the competition. In a letter to member clubs, the SKNFA announced that it has approved over $EC 100,000 in prize money and awards. The top four teams receiving:

  • Winner – $50,000.00 with trophy and medals
  • 2nd Place – $20,000.00 with medals
  • 3rd Place – $8,000.00 with medals
  • 4th Place – $6,000.00
  • 5th Place – $4,000.00
  • 6th Place – $3,000.00

The teams finishing in 7th -10th position in the 2018-2019 National Bank Premier League will receive $1,000.00 each.

General Secretary of the SKNFA Stanley Jacobs in a previous interview said that the Super Six Playoffs will benefit the teams and players. “The Super Six is a much more lucrative tournament. For the clubs it will be more lucrative…there will be a lot of incentives for the players. I think it is going to be very exciting.  When all is said and done I think everybody is going to be very happy,” Mr. Jacobs said.

A new feature for the Super 6 Playoff will be a Man-of-the-Match award of US$200.00 for each match of the Super 6. The increased prize money is part of the SKNFA’s vision to provide more resources and support for football at the club level. Over the past two years, the SKNFA has introduced a Sports Injury Insurance Scheme for players and a Club Financial Assistance Programme. Through the Club Assistance Programme, Premier League Clubs and Division One Clubs are eligible to receive EC$5,000.00 and EC$2,500.00, respectively, to assist in covering cost associated with the daily operation of the clubs. In total, these initiative provide in excess of three hundred thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars to SKNFA Member clubs.

The SKNFA said in the letter to the clubs that it wishes to assure sponsors, partners, patrons, member clubs and other stakeholders that we are fully committed to ensuring that final stage of the National Bank Premier League is concluded in a timely manner. July 27th is the tentative date set for the start of the Super Six Playoffs. “There is a lot of anticipation; it’s a brand new competition. Persons are still looking to see what to expect but from the SKNFA we can promise you it’s going to be one of the biggest local sporting events and so we are going to do our best to make sure we put on a very good event,” Jacobs added in the interview.