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Press Release: Results of SKNFA FA Cup Draw 2013.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- On Wednesday 20th February, 2013 former President of the SKNFA Mr. Stanley Franks, under the observance of members of Premier, Division I and J League teams drew the match-ups for the FA Cup. Mr. Franks, a very esteemed member of the football fraternity was among other members of the SKNFA’s executive to set the match-ups for the FA Cup.
The tournament, set to commence on Sunday 24th February will feature male teams from three tiers of the SKNFA’s structure( Premier, Division I and Junior League).
Participating teams are:
-Cayon Jrs.
-C.C.C Bath United
-Conaree Fireball Int’l
-Davis Construction Lodge Patriots
-Delphic Newtown United
-Delphic Newtown Jrs.
-Harris Paint St.Peters
-Keys United
-KFC Trinity/ Challengers
-National U-15
-Newton Ground
-Rams Village Superstars
-Rams Village Superstars Jrs.
-Rivers of Living Waters
-Sandy Point Allstars
-Security Forces
-S.P.D United
-St. Peters Jrs.
-St. Thomas/ Trinity Strikers
-St. Thomas Trinity Strikers Jrs.
-Trafalgar Southstars
-UDC Garden Hotspurs Jrs.
-Verchilds High School
-Youth & Experience

The Draw results are as follows:
Verchilds High School vs St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
C.C.C Bath United vs Conaree Fireballs
UDC Garden Hotspurs Jrs. vs Keys United
S.P.D United vs Cayon
Newton Ground vs Molineux
Rams Village Superstars vs St. Peters Jrs.
Delphic Newtown United Jrs vs Mantab
Youth & Experience vs National U-15
Conaree vs Davis Construction Lodge Patriots
KFC Trinity Challengers vs Trafalgar Southstars
Cayon Jrs vs Sandy Point Allstars
Security Forces vs Rivers of Living Waters.

The following teams were given a bye into the second round based on their performance in last year’s FA Cup:
Delphic Newtown United
St. Thomas Trinity Strikers
Rams Village Superstars
Harris Paint St. Peters

Matches for Sunday are:
4:00 p.m-Security Forces vs Rivers of Living Waters- Newtown
4:00 p.m- Rams Village SuperstarsvJrs. vs St. Peters Jrs.- St. Peters

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