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Press Release: SKNFA Male FA Cup to begin this month.

Just on the heals of the female FA Cup, male football action is back!The SKNFA is set to commence the 2012-2013 FA Cup Knock-Out Competition on Saturday 23rd February, 2013.

Male teams from the football clubs around the country will engage in fierce football competition after a long break. Teams from the three tiers of male football on the island (Premier, Division I and Junior League) will face off in a tournament guided by the rules of the “knock-out” format.No team can afford to slip up as there will be no second chances.

The FA Cup always brings surprises, in 2011 Mantab United and RAMS Village Superstars were the finalists where Village Superstars grabbed the championship. The last FA Cup finals saw S.L Horsfords St. Pauls and Delphic Newtown United battling for the title and though Delphic Newtown United fought a tough fight, St. Pauls ultimately raised their hands as victors.

The SKNFA wishes to advise teams that have not yet registered for the 2012-2013 Football League to do so by Tuesday 19th February, 2013 should they be interested in participating in the FA Cup Knock-Out Competition.

The draw for the first round of the competition will be held on Wednesday 20th February at 5:00 p.m at the Football House. Each team is asked to send a representative to participate in the draw.

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