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Resignation of Malcolm Ramsey

The SKNFA announces with deep respect and gratitude the resignation of our esteemed Referee Manager, Mr. Malcolm Ramsey. For years, he has been the pillar behind the SKNFA’s Referees Department, tirelessly working towards the growth and betterment of each referee under his guidance. His unwavering commitment has always translated into exceptional professionalism on the field. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ramsey for his invaluable contributions to football within the Federation and wish him a fulfilling journey ahead.
In light of this transition, we are pleased to introduce Mr. Delroy Jeffers as the acting Referee Manager. Having served diligently as assistant manager under Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Jeffers brings a wealth of experience and expertise. We’re confident in his capabilities and wish him all the success in this new chapter.
Thank you, Mr. Ramsey, for your legacy, and cheers to Mr. Jeffers for the journey ahead.