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Results of SKNFA Matches – 10th & 11th November, 2013

Saturday 9th November

Digicel Premier Division

At Silver Jubilee Stadium

Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 4 vs St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 0
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs
Carlos Bertie 13th minute
Rovan Wigley 59th minute
Sylvester Caines 64th minute
Tahir Hanley 80th minute

Yellow Cards
Leon Samuel (Strikers) 38th minute
Dornell Bernier (Strikers) 47th minute
Kai Cabey (Spurs) 69th minute
Sylvester Caines (Spurs) 77th minute

*Officials were Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, O’Brien Clarke & Tristley Bassue

Match 2

Harris Paint St. Peters 3 vs SPD United 3
(Half Time 1 – 1)

Scoring for Harris Paint St. Peters
Aiden Nurse 12th minute
Zahjah Isaac 48th minute
Yuson Slader 79th minute

Scoring for SPD United
Evansroy Barnes 27th minute
Sean Liburd struck twice in the 65th & 69th minute

Yellow Cards
Kareem Harris (St. Peters) 10th minute
Rondell Brookes (St. Peters) 65th minute
Zahjah Isaac (St. Peters) 81st minute

* Officials were Travester Richards, Florencetine Morton, Walter James & Ike Inniss
* Referees Assessor was Anthony Rawlins

Division 1

At Lime Kiln Playing Field

Trafalgar Southstars 6 vs Sandy Point Allstars 1
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scoring for Trafalgar Southstars
Leroy Archibald 43rd minute
Austin Williams 73rd minute
Dwayne Archibald 78th minute
Kishawn “Fire” Liburd scored a hat trick in the 80th, 88, & 89th minute

Scoring for Sandy Point Allstars
Kyle Hodge 90th minute

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Jason Rouse & Craig Rouse

At Verchilds Playing Field

* Sandy Point F.A did not show up for their game against Youth & Experience
* Officials were Stedroy Douglas & Lloyd Rouse

At Bath Village Playing Field

* Keys United did not show up for their game against C.C.C Bath United
* Officials were Jamal Jean Jaques, Garfield Virgo & Jasmine Clarke

On Sunday 10th November

Digicel Premier Division

At Silver Jubilee Stadium

Conaree FC 5 vs Mantab 1
(Half Time 1 – 1)

Scoring for Conaree FC
Elroy Carey of Mantab scored an own goal in the 17th minute
Marvin Charles 53rd minute
Errol O’Loughlin 54th minute
Byon Morson 72nd minute
Wazim Howe 85th minute

Scoring for Mantab
Kirae Jarvis 25th minute

Yellow Cards
Jermaine Carey (Mantab) 73rd minute
Elroy Carey (Mantab) 75th minute
Kishorne Warde (Conaree) 90th minute

* Officials were Tristly Bassue, Lloyd Rouse, Florencetine Morton & James Matthew

Match 2

S.L. Horsford St. Pauls United 2 vs KFC Trinity/Challenger United 0
(Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United
Attis Hughes 27th minute
Terrance ward 45th minute

Yellow Cards
Shanroy Sutton (Challengers) 18th minute
Attis Hughes (St. Pauls) 56th minute

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Alexis Joseph, Stedroy Douglas & Steadroy Techeira

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