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S.L.Horsford St.Pauls wins yet another cup

As the lights came on and the cameraman set his camera in place the action surely began. S. L. Horsford St. Pauls and Delphic Newtown United engaged in a fierce battle that left everyone utterly thrilled.

The momentum of the game was of pure passion on both ends. A scoreless first half only made each team go harder at their goal. One minute into the second half it was St. Paul’s Javeim Blanchette with a goal off his head.

Newtown was not discouraged as they came back and tried on numerous occasions to try to level the scoreline. After thirty-three(33) more minutes of play Javeim once again found the net with a cheeky little assist from his teammate Terrance Warde.

Still Newtown showed no signs of backing down. In the eighty-first(81st) minute they came back with a goal by Zevon Archibald. The ball was reset and they once again set out to find the back of the net. They were however unsuccessful in this task as the whistle went ten minutes later and S.L.Horsford St. Pauls was pronounced the champions of the FA Cup.

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