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S L Horsfords St Pauls and Rams Village Superstars In Finals

After six intense games in the Final Four playoffs the two top teams have been decided. Rams Village Superstars and S L Horsfords St Pauls will be dueling today Wednesday 15th June in a best of three finals.

The Playoffs definitely lived up to the expectation of the fans and all football lovers. The playoffs began with a double header on Sunday 5th as Delphic Newtown United current champions would face the ever exciting Conaree and S L Horsford St Pauls the top team for the season against the resilient Rams Village Superstars.

The games saw shots to goals by all teams but ended with all four teams tied 1-1. This meant that all team would go into their second game with one point each. The tie made the intensity of the second games on Wednesday 8th even more important for all teams and of course the fans and supporters. On Wednesday S L Horsfords St Pauls would prove why they were at the top of the table during the season, and defeated Conaree 1-0 to gain the first win of the playoffs and give them three points. Up next were Delphic Newtown United and Rams Village Superstars. Delphic Newtown would score first with a shot from Ian “Rumpy” Lake and looked destined in the first half to be well on their way to victory. Rams village Superstars however would not go down with a fight. In the second half of the game Rams Village Superstars dominated the game, but Shaquille Pringle scored in the 55th minute and would equalize the game. Twenty minutes later in the 74th minute Travis Somersall would put the final and winning goal in the back of the net for Superstars.

Games five and six still meant that teams could still have a slim chance of getting to the finals. First up were Rams Village Superstars and Conaree. Rams Village Superstars would defeat Conaree in a high scoring game 3-2, the highest so far for the playoffs. S L Horsfords St Pauls and Delphic Newtown played on Sunday and S L Horsford scored first, with a goal from Javiem Blanchette in the 37th minute. The game ended prematurely when in the 75th minute S L Horsfords St Pauls were awarded a penalty and after the first penalty kick a retake was signaled by the assistance referee. A second retake was signaled and Delphic Newtown was clearly not pleased with the referee decision. Delphic Newtown United proceeded to walk off the field. The referee declared the game abandoned giving S L Horsford St Pauls the spot in the finals.

The finals are now set for Rams Village Superstars and S L Horsfords St Pauls to meet as they are the two teams with the most points out of the playoffs. Games will be played on Wednesday 15th, Saturday 18th and Wednesday 22nd (if necessary). All games will begin at 8:00 pm.

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