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S.L.Horsfords thrashes Spurs in the first game of the Final Four.

The race has begun and S.L.Horsford St. Pauls is off to a clean start. On Saturday 2nd June, St. Pauls thrashed UDC Garden Hotspurs in a four goals to nil victory.

The First game of the Final Four lived up to the expectations of the massive crowd at Warner Park Last night. This game was a display of sheer talent and passion as well as drive to be named the Final Four champions. From kickoff at eight o’clock(8:00) to the final whistle at ten o’clock(10:00) the spectators were treated to a fierce battle of two technically sound competitors.

The young Joash Leader gave Spurs’ on-lookers their first real scare in the seventeenth(17th) minute of play when he drove the ball past goalkeeper Zeleon Morton making the score one goal to nil. All that could be seen and heard in the Northern bleachers were black and red shirts and loud roars of the St. Pauls fans. Fourteen(14) minutes later it wasn’t a rookie, but a veteran George “Yellowman” Isaac who scored St. Pauls second goal from a free kick.

Three minutes into the second half and Yellowman went back to his scoring ways with yet another free kick. This one caught the crowd off guard leaving an eerie silence which was abruptly overpowered by more uproar from the St. Pauls fans. In case you lost count, the score was now three goals to nil. Spurs were being punished by the unstoppable St. Pauls offense.

Of course eventually the rookies got jealous of the veteran taking all the shine and it only took Terrance Warde one minute after George’s goal to score his. There was definitely no coming back for Spurs, the only thing left to do was to prevent St. Pauls from scoring more goals which they succeeded in doing.

By the time the fat lady had sung her first verse, UDC Garden Hotpurs had to say goodbye to their first three points. Tonight’s game features Delphic Newtown United and Conaree FC at 8:00 p.m. Let’s see who will grab their first three points as they venture toward the Final Two with the ultimate goal of winning the cup.

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