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Some young footballers in St. Kitts and Nevis will know soon whether they will get an opportunity to either earn a scholarship to a US college or university to play football or pursue a professional path in the sport via a US or Central American football club. This as the SKNFA Scouting Showcase enters a crucial stage today. On Tuesday January 30th, a select group of players from the first day of the combine, were chosen for observation by the visiting scouts and National Team Coach Francisco Molina, who observed the players pitchside. Coach Molina said the sessions have gone well so far. “The scouts, the coaches that came in from outside of the country, helped us to reduce the quality players they wanted to see so we accomplished a lot. In the second half of both slots, there is a lot of quality there,” Molina said. 

He said Wednesday, the final day of the combine, a group of players will be selected after their display of talent on the pitch. “This is something that for me as a youngster I dreamt about.  I hope that these guys have the same hunger and enthusiasm that I had when I was their age. And like I told them, it’s not everyday you have these opportunities,” he said. Coach Molina praised the SKNFA and all those involved in making the combine possible and praised the players who came out to the showcase. 

Meanwhile, Coach Molina noted that the display of talent, even from the players who were not selected for Wednesday’s final sessions, was impressive.  He disclosed that there were about 150 participants over the two days thus far and that number has been reduced to about 36 players. “Ever since I got here, and I am not saying this (because I am the coach), I’ve seen a lot of technical ability, I’ve seen a lot of speed, I’ve seen a lot of strength. I haven’t seen a lot of technical (skills)…but I think that our players have a lot of what it takes (to succeed),” he said. He suggested that the coaches at the universities and clubs abroad can help develop the tactical skills needed in the players. The SKNFA Scouting Showcase is organized by the SKNFA to provide opportunities for young local players to pursue either a professional career in the sport or scholarships to universities and colleges in the United States.