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Security Forces Win 2018-2019 Division 1 Title

Security Forces are the 2018-2019 SKNFA Division 1 champions after defeating Trafalgar Southstars in a seven goal thriller in Tuesday night’s finals at the Warner Park Football Stadium. Southstars got on the score sheet first with a goal from the penalty spot in the 4th minute of the match from D’quan Rogers, but three minutes later Ricaldo Archibald scored an own goal for Security Forces to equalize. That was enough energy for Security Forces to feed from as they doubled their lead in the 13th and 28th minutes with goals from Lesbert Jeffries to go in halftime at 3-1.

The second half however was a different story as Southstars fought back valiantly but not before Security Forces extended their lead to 4-1 from a Donyelle Francis strike in the 55th minute. It seemed done and dusted for Security Forces, but five minutes later Mazari Hodge scored the second goal for Southstars to bring the score to 4-2. Eight minutes later Ricaldo Nisbett made it 4-3 and it seemed as if Security Forces were about to collapse their lead. However they held on to ensure they won the match and eventually the Division 1 title. Daniel John was sent off in the 80th minute, after receiving his second yellow card.

After the match, Coach of Security Forces Kenroy Knibbs spoke highly of his team’s performance during the season. “We will never get success on a straight line. We have lot of hurdles and corners to go around. I feel so elated for the players. I feel great for the players because with the history of Police playing football about 16, 20 years, we make history by winning the championship, promoting ourselves to the premier league and it’s a great feeling,” Knibbs said.

He said coaching this team is difficult but that his players are good at following instructions. “As a coach, when I give instructions the guys follow. If I tell one of them that they have to walk on top of the goal, I would expect them to walk on top of the goal,” he said.

Knowing that the Premier League is a much tougher division, Coach Knibbs said the team would need to strengthen if they are to compete. “We got to do what we have to do the strengthen and improve the team because I know that the premier league is a much tougher league so we just have to do what we have to do  in order to come up and give a good account of ourselves. We are not coming here to participate, we are coming here to compete in the championship,” Knibbs declared.

Meanwhile player Randy Mondell said despite Southstars fight back in the second half, they did not doubt they would have won the match. “All week we trained. We were mentally prepared, we were physically prepared and socially prepared for this encounter. So nevertheless we knew that it was going to be a rugged game. We fought hard in the first half, we came out in the second half following the instructions from the coaches…the second half was just about following the instructions, stick to the game plan and move forward,” he said. He thanked the coaching staff and the FA and said teams should look out for them in the Premier League.

Both Southstars and Security Forces have been promoted to the SKNFA National Bank Premier League next season. They will be replaced in Division 1 by the bottom two teams in the Premier League at the end of the season.