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SKN Football Showdown in Managua on Wednesday

Wednesday is a big day for the St. Kitts and Nevis Men’s Senior National Football Team, when they come up against a worthy opponent in Nicaragua.
The event is a friendly international that is being played as part of the practice and preparation of the team against French Guiana and Haiti later this year.
Reports coming out of Nicaragua clearly indicate that the country and football authorities there are taking the encounter with St. Kitts and Nevis seriously.
The team coming up against St. Kitts and Nevis comprises, local football official say, 95% similar to the same team that won vs Jamaica, Panama, Suriname, Honduras and beat Cuba 5-0 all within the last year.

When question by the media as to why new players are not being tried against the St. Kitts and Nevis team, the head coach said, “I truly believe that Wednesday’s game can be as challenging as any game in our own region. I have seen the growth that St Kitts and Nevis has had, and I thought very deeply, if we could have played this game with new, younger players. After a lot of thought, my coaching staff decided we couldn´t try new players vs this opponent. We are up against a very good team, who has grown very much, and I have followed their progress for the last year now. Every player knows this is no easy task”.

For both teams, this game is very important and none is taking chances. St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association General Secretary Stanley Jacobs puts it this way, “We will face perhaps the team that is playing the best football in Central America, with a very experienced coaching staff, in a 30,000 person stadium with a harsh atmosphere. This is a splendid test for our local based players, and the ideal game for us to know who is ready and who is not.”

What’s the big motivator for Team SKN? It’s the possibility, a real one and for the first time, to enter the CONCACAF Gold Cup, and standing in their way are French Guiana and Haiti, two formidable opponents in the CFU qualifiers. For the first time in the history of football in St. Kitts and Nevis, all the components have been favourably delivered, but there is a hard road ahead, and the ‘Sugar Boy’ will need all the fan support they can get.

Earlier, the SKNFA released the list of players now in Managua, Nicaragua, for what is expected to be a testing match for both sides.

The SKN Senior Men’s National Football Team is as follows:

Julani Archibald – W Connection, Trinidad
Gerard Williams – W Connection, Trinidad
Jamal Jeffers – St. Pauls United, St. Kitts
Thrizen Leader – St. Pauls United, St. Kitts
Keithroy Freeman – St. Pauls United, St. Kitts
Clyde Mitcham – Cayon FC, St. Kitts
Javeim Blanchette – Cayon FC, St. Kitts
Orlando Mitchum – Newtown United, St. Kitts
Vidal Hendrickson – Newtown United, St. Kitts
Tahir Hanley – Garden Hotspurs, St. Kitts
Justin Springer – Canada
Ordell Flemming – St. Kitts
Salas Cannonier – St. Peter’s Fc, St. Kitts
Devaughn Elliott – Murcielagos FC, Mexico
Glenroy Samuel – Conaree FC, St. Kitts
Carlos Bertie – Deportivo Once Municipal, El Salvador
Kendale Liburd – Strikers, St. Kitts
Kimaree Rogers – Village Superstars FC, St. Kitts

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