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SKNFA 2014 Final Four Kicks Off This Weekend

Basseterre, St. Kitts- The points have been tallied and the top four teams of the 2013-14 St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association Regular Season will now battle for the national title in what is anticipated to be a very competitive Final Four Tournament.

The top four teams are:

Ram’s Village Superstars with 57 points

S. L. Horsford St. Pauls with 54 points

Hobson Enterprise Garden Hotspurs with 52 points

Harris Paints St. Peters with 51 points

Last year’s champions Island Auto, Kactus Conaree and multiple-time finalist Winner’s Circle Newtown United did not get tickets to this year’s dance and will be on the outside looking in.

The SKNFA has engaged the services of GMS (Gurus Maniacs & Sages), a company specializing in event planning and marketing to conceptualize and execute promotions for this year’s Final Four Tournament. In speaking with a representative of GMS, Dr. Garfield Alexander, it was simply put: “This Final Four will be like no other ever witnessed. The SKNFA, the clubs, the players along with GMS are dedicating this year’s final to all the fans.”

The Final Four finalists will be introduced to the world at the official Final Four Press Conference Thursday 15th May 3:30 pm at Football House where the clubs will be represented by team officials, their marquee player and their mascot. On Friday 16th the fans, mascots and players of all four teams will invade the area known as “Party Central” from 5:30 pm for what is dubbed “Jersey Jam”. The four teams and their fans will compete for the prize of the biggest, brightest and boldest fans, all while building the buzz for the Final Four.

The Final Four Tournament kicks off this coming Saturday 17th when H. E. Garden Hotspurs will face off against S.L.H. St. Pauls at 8pm at Warner Park Football Stadium; a day promoted as “Signature Saturday”.

The following Sunday 18th at 8pm will see the number one seed Ram’s Village Superstars go against the fourth seed Harris Paints St. Peters on a day dubbed “Double Up Day”.

On “Signature Saturday” a promotion will take place at the gates of the stadium where any fan willing to get a complimentary mohawk haircut in the team colour(s), or stencil the phrase ‘Final Four’ in their hair will earn a season pass for the tournament. A barber will be on-site. On “Double Up Day” all twins gain free entrance and any two fans dressed identically get in at half price. A very interesting half-time three-legged match will be conducted between fans for great prizes.

This Final Four Tournament promises to bring a fan experience like never before and all are invited out to the games, and to join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SKNFA to stay abreast of all the exciting promotions planned.

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