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SKNFA Christmas Message

Raising the Standard in St. Kitts and Nevis went into immediate action as the elections were decided on Aug 29th 2021.

We understood that the approach must be all-inclusive and is one which is multi-faceted to say the least. One of the first and important agenda item was the appointment of Ms. Techell Mclean as our new General Secretary. Ms. Mclean is very competent and firm which allows the organization to operate in such a manner, that shapes the overall output production.

One of the pillars of growth we have grasped lies within the grassroots program. As such the primary schools throughout the Federation were earmarked as our target market for the distribution of equipment exercise.

To date we have distributed well over 100 balls, 50 pairs of boots among other training equipment. This project will continue into the new year until all the primary schools both public and private are served.

This then lends into our national youth program which have been on showcase over the last few months. I must say congratulations to the u17 teams and u20 teams for a tremendous showing at these regional competitions.

Much of our resources will be geared to this area of development to ensure the product within a few years is aligned to the overall vision of the SKNFA. 

The wholistic approach to the development of football must, I repeat must include our invaluable contributions of our coaches. We were pleased to distribute certificates of completion to over 30 coaches at the CONCACAF D, C AND B Levels within the Federation. 

The development to coaches is directly linked to the play on and off the field. As such capacity building among our local coaches is imperative as we continue to raise the standard.

One of the fastest growing areas in football globally, regionally and now locally is within the referees department. Presently there is a referee certification course operating. Important to note that a significant amount of the participants are beginners. This holds well to the referee pool as well as the longevity of the program. Equally important is the enrollment of women/girls undertaking the course.

On a somber note, permit me to highlight the passing of Mr. Anthony Johnson, former president of the SKNFA whose contribution to football was beyond the 50x 100 yards the game is played on.

Mr. Eucal ‘Zah’ Richards was an inspiration to those who he came into contact with especially within the Spurs Community. His contributions and legacy will not be forgotten.

Then Ms. Ellia Jeffers aka ‘Manage,’ the life of the party. Ms. Jeffers went beyond the call of duty without murmur.  Her dedication on the club, community and national levels could not be questioned. Rest In Peace colleagues.

Since taking office the team continues the put the agenda of football at the forefront. This was exhibited with the opportunities presented to Mr. Tyquan Terrel and Mr. Nequan Browne who both are in Spain plying their trade and Mr. Tiquanny Williams who did a stint in Portugal. The exposure and experience garnered by these young men will ensure our local product is improved and by extention our national product.

Another major accomplishment must be the revitalization of the Caines’ Pasture in Parsons. What once was a mecca for football over the years only saw the grazing of animals. The team during its assessment pre-election, promised that this will be reclaimed for football. Promise made, promise kept.

Devaughn Elliot, past national player was involved in a very unfortunate injury incident. This injury was left untreated for over 2 years. With the swift intervention by myself and my team we were able to get Mr. Elliot the necessary treatment at a medical facility in Miami. I’m happy to report that his rehab is going to plan and is on course for a full recovery within the new year 2022.

So what can we look for in 2022?

  1. The fully functioning of our Technical Center in St. Peters
  2. Revamping of all programs
  3. Inclusion of the school football program
  4. Zonal grassroots program
  5. Club technical development
  6. Financial stability and guidance of member clubs
  7. Improvement of facilities
  8. Increase the amount of playing areas in both St. Kitts and Nevis

I look forward in working along you in ensuring the goals are met and at the end of the day football remains the winner. I want to wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas when it comes and a prosperous,  football-filled year in 2022.