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SKNFA completes Leadership Retreat and Organisational Review

The St. Kitts Nevis Football Association in collaboration with the FIFA development Office conducted a a 2 day Leadership Retreat from Saturday July 2nd to Sunday July 3rd .

The Retreat which was attended by the executive, members and several office staff was held at the Mount Nevis Hotel on Nevis.

Key resource personnel came in from the FIFA Development office to conduct the event which was preceded by an organizational review. Messrs Dick Howard, Kevin Pipe and Newtown George did in excess of thirty hours of interviews before compiling a report on their findings.

This series of interviews was done with staff, stakeholders, potential sponsors and investors in the Federation.

The retreat itself gave the SKNFA the opportunity to take an in depth look at their operations over the past two years, identify the strength and weaknesses and plan a way forward through a series of resolutions created and adopted by the entire management and staff.

The completion of the Organizational Review and Leadership Retreat is part of an ongoing drive by FIFA to provide assistance particularly to Member Association with relatively new management teams. To this end work was done in several other Caribbean territories including St. Vincent, Grenada and Jamaica.

At the end of the Retreat president Anthony Johnson had this to say. “An event of this nature is extremely important for the association going forward. Not only to make resolutions but to carry them out. Most of them have timeliness and deadlines and are slated to conclude by January 2012. It therefore means that we have put pressure on ourselves to complete the tasks at hand in an efficient manner”.

Mr Johnson went on to thank FIFA for their input in the retreat.

“We want to thank FIFA for their assistance in this worthwhile and useful venture because very often we do not like to look within. However it came at a perfect time when we are in the middle of a four year term hence we had the opportunity to see where we are and get a sense of where we are going. This was not something forced upon us. We requested it and FIFA obliged so we want to thank them and look forward to further collaboration in the future”, Johnson said.

Johnson also went on to admonish his colleagues and staff members. “A seminar alone cannot make us change our attitude we have to do it ourselves. We have to now rededicate ourselves and since we have already built a foundation we have to continue to sacrifice and continue to build for the interest of the sport and those we serve”, Johnson concluded.

During the deliberations a number of resolutions were flagged for high priority and these include insurance for players, greater emphasis on getting to the finals of the Gold Cup so as to increase the nation’s ranking and an internal review and evaluation of all standing committees.

The group returned from Nevis late on Sunday afternoon re-energized and refreshed.

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