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SKNFA Grassroots Development Program- Distribution of Grassroots Equipment to Primary Schools

In an effort to develop Grassroots in the Federation, the SKNFA has embarked on an initiative to donate grassroots equipment to Primary Schools in both St. Kitts and Nevis. The major criterion for a school to be chosen for the said equipment is that a Member Club must be present and would have agreed to give continued support the said Primary School grassroots program.
In keeping with FIFA’s Grassroots Philosophy:
Grassroots football is football for everyone, by everyone, everywhere.
Each school will receive the following equipment:
12 size 4 Balls
10 Cones
10 Training Bibs
30 Grassroots T-shirts
I Ball Bag
1 Grassroots Manual (Book)
2 Grassroots Manual (CD)

The SKNFA will continue to partner with schools and other learning organizations to promote healthier, more active lifestyles that coincide with character building.

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