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SKNFA Grassroots program engaged in fun day hosted by UWI Event Planning Students.

Grassroots is not a program solely committed to the improvement of football skills, it is a program by which the kids learn to take all aspects of football and other games and improving their overall outlook on life. Grassroots encourages the participants to use their life skills to make them better individuals on and off the pitch. On Saturday morning, the SKNFA’s Grassroots program took part in a Fun Day organized by the UWI Event Planning Students. There the guys and girls between the ages of five(5) and twelve(12) were engaged in “old time” games such as: Rounders, Mississippi, “mus run” cricket, Ludo, Snake & Ladder, Dog and Bone, Dominoes, Uno and of course some football.

The kids had an amazing time and so did the adults as they to got involved in the fun. After all was said and done everyone sat for snacktime and a little relaxation.

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