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SKNFA Hosts Fitness/Medical Course

The SKNFA conducted its annual Fitness and Medical Course on January 23-24, 2021 ahead of start of the 2021 football season. The course is offered free of cost to all physiotherapists, trainers and team medical personnel working in the SKNFA leagues. It is designed to help the participants from our member clubs learn how to diagnose and manage common football-related injuries and illnesses. The course is designed specifically for nurses, physiotherapists , trainers and other health practitioners associated with our member clubs. The course is part of the SKNFA mandate to build critical capacity within our member clubs.
The instructors for the course were Kenny Douglas, who presented on football fitness, Dr. Carlton Williams delivered on the topics; sudden cardiac arrest, basic muscular anatomy and injury management. Hance Richards focused on Energy Systems and aspects of Fitness, while Janae Pine delivered the practical sessions. 
The SKNFA is pleased with the course attendance, which signals the significance placed on this course by our member clubs. The SKNFA Rules and Regulations mandates that all Technical Staff on the team bench must be certified and or receive the basic training that a course of this nature provides.