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SKNFA is busy on the path to improving St. Kitts-Nevis football in all areas…

Over the course of two weeks, the SKNFA has imparted on a journey towards the improvement of football in many different aspects including: Refereeing, youth football, female football, technical development of players and coaches’ development.
The SKNFA in an effort to improve the quality of referees as well as referees assessors in the federation has recently facilitated a six (6) day FIFA RAP (referee’s assistance program) course aimed at further educating local referees on the rules and regulations currently found in the forever evolving game of football.
During these daily sessions, new as well as already existing referees were trained in both classroom and field sessions. They were tested on their knowledge and had to undergo a fitness test under the surveillance of FIFA referees’ instructor Peter Prendergast.
Delroy Jeffers, a current referee and participant at the program described it as “quite a learning experience”. “Most of the stuff that was said on the course was knowledge that has already been imparted onto me, execution of certain aspects however, were greatly improved upon” Jeffers further expounded.
The sessions boasted a total of twenty seven (29) referees, eight (8) of which came from Nevis to partake in the said event. A total of six (6) of the participants were females.
The course ended with a two day referee assessors’ program and nine (9) referee assessors were present. At the end of the course, the referees were assessed at the Premier and Division I games.

Youth Football(U-19)
On Friday 9th March, the SKNFA WICWC U-19 league came to a close and RAMS Village Superstars U-19 team were declared the champions. Over the past months the SKNFA began and has completed its first ever U-19 league. This league was aimed at concentrating on more young players and revealing those who may have the required qualities to perhaps represent us at the national level.
During this league, there we definitely some players who shone very brightly and their talents have not gone unnoticed. The SKNFA must commend the clubs who co-operated with us and took part in this league. We do believe that these clubs should be highlighted, see the list below.
RAMS Village Superstars- Champions
Cayon F.C- Runner-up
S.L.Horsford’s St. Pauls United-Third place
Delphic Newtown United
UDC Garden Hotspurs
S.P.D United
KFC Trinity Challengers
St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers
Harris Paint St. Peter’s
Conaree F.C.
We do appreciate you working with us to develop our youth through football.

Female Football
Thursday 8th March was not just any other day at the office. The ministry of Gender Affairs coordinated an awards ceremony to celebrate and spread the awareness of International Women’s Day. The SKNFA nominated two females within the age range of 13 years to 18 years who are believed to have promising futures in the area of football.
The nominees chosen by the SKNFA were eighteen (18) year old CFBC student Kerrise Hanley who captained the St. Kitts-Nevis U-20 female squad. These females represented us in Haiti in October 2011 in the FIFA U-20 Female World Cup. Kerrise has been playing football for a number of years and has shown vast improvement in the technical, tactical and psychological aspects of the ‘beautiful game’. It is obvious that she is quite passionate about the game and has a bright future in football.
The second nominee was sixteen (16) year old Washington Archibald High School student Leranja Wilkinson. Leranja is one of those players one would describe as a being a naturally talented player when it comes to football. Lee as she is more affectionately known has spun from a family of female footballers having three sisters being present national players. Leranja captained the St Kitts-Nevis National U-17 Squad who in September represented the nation in the FIFA U-17 Female World Cup. Lee is definitely one to look for in the upcoming SKNFA Female league in May, 2012.

In addition, females over the age of thirteen (13) years old were invited to register with the SKNFA for the upcoming female league to commence of 5th May, 2012. To date, the SKNFA has received over one hundred (100) females showing interest in participating with the various clubs. This is worthy of commendation on the part of the females of our federation. We are happy to see that the females have stepped forward and have shown interest in performing constructive activities such as football.

Technical development of players and coaches
In an effort to further develop the coaches and players the SKNFA will be hosting a D License Coaching course and has introduced two new programs that will assist individuals and club coaches. The two programs are: Goalkeepers & Striker’s School and Club Coaches’ Advanced Coaching Sessions.

1. SKNFA D’ License Course
The SKNFA is holding a D License on 5th April-14th April, 2012. This will be the only D’ License Course for the year. Each club is kindly asked to submit a representative to attend the course. Please note that this D License for 2012. All interested persons, especially all Premier Division coaches are asked to call the FA at 466-8502 or visit the office on Lozack Road. After the facilitation of this D License course, each Premier club coach must possess a D License.

2. Goalkeepers’ and Strikers’ School
The SKNFA invites all club goalkeepers and strikers to a session at the Warner Park Stadium on Monday 12th March at 5:00 p. m to 7:00 p.m. This session continues every Monday until the 2011-2012 season closes. The session will be conducted by the Technical Director & SKNFA Instructors. Kindly note that all national goalkeepers and strikers are to attend these sessions.

3. Clubs Coaches’ Advanced Coaching Sessions

The SKNFA invites all club coaches to participate in an Advanced Coaching Session on Wednesday 14th March at Warner Park at 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. This session continues every Wednesday until the 2011-2012 season closes. The season will be conducted by the Technical Director and SKNFA coaches.
All national coaches are to attend the above sessions.
The SKNFA would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked with us to ensure that our programs are successful. We would like to thank the organizations that granted time off for their students/employees to attend the course. We would also like to thank the females and clubs that have shown interest in the Female League and extend congratulations to Kerrise Hanley and Leranja Wilkinson on their awards.

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