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SKNFA Issues Clubs Deadline to Respond.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 4th February, 2013- Subsequent to a letter dated 21st January 2013, received by the SKNFA and signed by Timothy
Morton, Ras Dabo Penny and Donald Freeman, Presidents of Conaree, Garden Hotspurs and
S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls football clubs respectively, the SKNFA, through its legal advisor Mr.
Sylvester Anthony on 30th January 2013 advised the said clubs that the position of the SKNFA
regarding the Chairmanship of the arbitration panel remains the same. The SKNFA maintains
that the SKNOC is the proper body to deal with the dispute at hand. If the said clubs are
desirous of ensuring the involvement and participation of the Bar Association then they are
quite capable of appointing an individual from that entity to be their nominee on the panel.
The SKNFA remains very anxious to move this process forward in order to ensure that Premier
League football competition resumes in the Federation, and trusts that dilatory tactics are not
being engaged in so as to frustrate this objective.
Further, the clubs were informed that they can rest assured that all legal means will be
employed to move this process along as necessary. The clubs were given seven (7) days to
respond, (commencing 30th January 2013) failing which the SKNFA will proceed with
appropriate court action.
The current stance taken by the three (3) Premier Clubs against the involvement of the St. Kitts
Nevis Olympic Committee (SKNOC) appears to be in direct contradiction to their earlier
position. In letter dated 28th September, 2012 addressed to the General Secretary of the SKNFA,
the three clubs made it clear that the St. Kitts Nevis Olympic Committee (SKNOC) is well-placed
to deal with the matter at hand. According to their letter “We are encouraged that the NOC will
hear the matter, their credibility and past experience bodes well for the prospects of a fair and
transparent process”.
The SKNFA is dumfounded and disappointed with the apparent inconsistency of the position
taken by the three clubs to resolve this matter and thus assures the rest of its member clubs,
sponsors, patrons and other stakeholders that all legal means will be employed to move the
process along towards resolution.

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