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SKNFA issues statement following unruly behaviour of team players in match against Haiti

The executive of the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association takes this opportunity to express its regret to the general public for the fracas that occurred between two members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Senior Men’s National Football Team in its encounter with the team representing Haiti, during the CFU Caribbean Cup match held at the Warner Park Football Stadium on Sunday, 13th November.

The executive records its disappointment with this type of behavior and wishes to assure the general public that necessary and established investigative protocols are being followed to ensure appropriate disciplinary action is taken in the wake of the unfortunate incident.

The SKNFA further assures the general public that the organization continues to foster an environment of dialogue among players and teams, and makes available management structures that facilitate resolution of player disputes or disagreements. The SKNFA frowns upon players taking matters to the point of unruly behavior between team members or with other teams.

And, in keeping with our commitment to accountability and openness, the SKNFA assures the general public that the findings of the investigation and subsequent actions will be revealed to the public in due course.

The SKNFA wishes to thank the general public for its understanding and continuing support, as the Football Association continues its quest to enhance the quality and competitiveness of football played in the federation.

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