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SKNFA Leagues Summary

The Winners Circle Newtown United continued their league domination in the SKNFA Premier League when they defeated Fast Cash SPD United 5 goals to 1. Their new player Carlos Bertie leads the way in goals, having scored 6 goals from 3 matches. The top four teams in the Premier League are:

Winners Circle Newtown United
ELCO Ltd St. Peters
SOL Island Auto Conaree
H.E Garden Hotspurs

Two time defending champions S.L Horsford St. Pauls United stand in 8th place, after only winning 1 game and losing two. This may be the norm for S.L Horsford St. Pauls as during the first round last season, they struggled for their first set of matches but went on to win the round and the league.

The bottom two teams are the newcomers to the Premier League – Bath United and Rivers of Living Water. Both teams have not managed to get any points as yet.

The Premier League action continues this weekend:

Saturday 31st October:

5:30 p.m – LIME 4G Cayon Rockets vs. Rivers of Living Water
8:00 p.m – SOL Island Auto Conaree vs. H.E Garden Hotspurs

Sunday 1st November:

4:30 p.m – Winners Circle Newtown United vs. Bath United
7:00 p.m – S.L Horsford St. Pauls United vs. Rams Village Superstars

In the other leagues, a number of Division I and Elvis Star Browne Women’s League matches have been postponed due to the Refereeing Course. Only the following matches will be played in those divisions:

Division I – Sandy Point vs. KFC Trinity/Challengers United (Sandy Point Playing Field)

Women’s League – Bath United vs. St. Peters Blue Angels (Bath Village Playing Field)

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