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SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League leaves nothing to be desired.

If you haven’t see an SKNFA LIME Star Browne League match then you have been depriving yourself of some grand excitement. On Sunday 20th May, the league games were played at the Warner Park Stadium and the crowd was nothing short of supportive and pumped.

The first game featured Delphic Newtown United and C.C.C. Bath United. By the twenty-sixth(26th) minute Shameka Isaac had already converted a play into a goal. Newtown were now up 1-nil. The remainder of the first half went by scoreless. With only one minute left in the game Shameka once again capitalized, making it two goals to nil. That was the end of the game and Delphic Newtown moved on to six(6) points. C.C.C. Bath is still at zero points after two matches.

Game two(2) was a battle of the ladies from the West when St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers and S. L. Horsford St. Pauls went at it.In only two(2) minutes of play Anaha Burke had scored Striker’s first goal. Twelve (12) minutes later Odandia Lewis of St. Pauls got off the mark with a goal, only the goal was not in favour of her team. Strikers were now up two (2) goals to nil. With one minute remaining in the first half it was Striker’s Shanice Elliott with the final goal of the game as no more goals would be scored in the second half of play. The game ended three (3) nil in favour of St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers.

In the final game of the night, Village Superstars and St. Peters Blue Angels raged a war like no other. Seventeen(17) minutes into the game, St. Peters earned themselves a penalty which was executed brilliantly by Lisa Hanley. In the thirty-first(31st) minute Blue Angel Astonia Carey launched a beautiful volley past the defense of Village which brought the score to two(2) nil.

At the beginning of the second half Village were determined to give this game all they had and at the opening minutes, they launched a full attack at the Blue Angels. It was Tracy Springer who demolished St. Peter’s defense and came out with a hat-trick in sixteen(16) minutes. Leranja Wilkinson was also able to convert one goal and Tishauna Stanley of the Blue Angels scored an own goal. It was safe to say that the Angel’s wings had been clipped and Village would walk away with a well deserved victory.

Shinnell McCalla(Village) and Lisa Hanley(St. Peters) were issued red cards and would both be missing their teams’ next encounter. The next games are to be played on Sunday 27th May.

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