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SKNFA to reintroduce youth Leagues

Basseterre St. Kitts September 7th 2011 – The St. Kitts Nevis Football Association has invited members clubs to a meeting to discuss the start of an Under 19 Youth League.

It has been a long while since a League of this nature was planned and executed but with recent support from FIFA under the Win- in –Concacaf- with -Concacaf programme (also called WICWC) the SKNFA saw it fitting to introduce this age group category competition.

It is also important to note too that this league is expected to replace the division II that was to be reintroduced in the 2011-2012 season.

Details including match days and time, rules and regulations, referees, match venues will be hammered out in a meeting scheduled for Thursday September 8th at 5 pm at Football House

Only 7 clubs have registered so far. However it is expected that late entries may be accepted up until the end of the meeting.

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