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SKNFA & UNESCO team up to support Anti-doping.

by: Christine Walwyn

The SKNFA is proud to announce the declaration of the Month of November as Anti Doping Month. The main objective of the month is to increase the awareness of among young athletes, and their parents, coaches and peers about adverse effects of alcohol, drugs and doping in sports. This encourages young athletes to adopt positive and healthy attitudes towards sport, as well as their day-to-day activities.
President, Anthony Johnson indicated that this declaration is very timely, given the recent development locally and globally in sports, and thus the SKNFA have put in place a full program to educate the young athletes about ethical sports and the consequences of doping, so that they can make informed decisions and to promote and encourage the implementation of drug prevention initiatives in sport organizations involving young athletes. He further stated that the SKNFA saw this as an important issue and thus sought the support of UNESCO to access the Fund for Anti Doping in Sports for which they positively responded.
Minister Glen Phillip indicated that he is very supportive of this initiative by the SKNFA as St. Kitts and Nevis has signed on to the convention for Anti Doping in sports and he is happy to see a local Sport’s Organization taking an active role to promote such an important issue.
The official launch of this project will be on Saturday 10th November, 2012 at 9:30 am, and Ms. Tessa Chadderton-Shaw, the Executive Director of Regional Anti doping Organization (RADO) will be our featured speaker. She will be ably supported by our own local experts in Anti Doping and Ministers of Health, Sport and Education.
Other events include a church service on Sunday 10th November at 9:30 am at the Zion Moravian Church, the coach’s seminar on the weekend of 17-18 November, and educational talk to the U14 league.

The month will climax with a march and rally on 30th November, where it is hoped that the entire nation will join forces to encourage our youth.
Technical Director, Lenny Lake has indicated that the SKNFA will also carry out actual drug testing at selected games during this period in order to get players accustomed to the procedure that is carried out and to increase the awareness of actual drug testing. He recognizes that this would not be a onetime event, but a process which will continue and anticipates that the program will develop with time to be a permanent fixture as part of our operations.

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