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SKNFA Weekly Roundup 16/10/15

The 2015-2016 SKNFA Football Season officially opened on Saturday 10th October, 2015. The SKNFA distributed equipment to the teams present to aid in their preparations for the season.

Following the opening ceremony, fans were treated to two Premier League matches featuring the new comers – Bath United and Rivers of Living Water as they came up against Elco St. Peters and champions S.L Horsford St. Pauls respectively.


After one round of matches, these are the top four teams in the Premier League:

SOL Island Auto Conaree
Winners Circle Newtown United
S.L Horsford St. Pauls United
Fast Cash SPD United
From their first match of the season, the following players were red carded:

Kareem Galloway – ELCO St. Peters
Auston Henry – Rams Village Superstars
Steve Barnes – Fast Cash SPD United
Kimron Browne – Winners Circle Newtown United

The Premier League action continues this weekend with:

Saturday 17th October:

5:30 p.m – H.E Garden Hotspurs vs. Rivers of Living Water
8:00 p.m – SOL Island Auto Conaree vs. Rams Village Superstars

Sunday 18th October:

4:30 p.m – Fast Cash SPD United vs. Bath United
7:00 p.m – S.L Horsford St. Pauls United vs. Winners Circle Newtown United


The Division I league kicked off on Thursday 8th October, 2015. Fourteen teams have registered for the chance to be promoted to the Premier League next season. Following their first week of matches, the top four are:

Hard Times
Dieppe Bay Eagles
KFC Trinity/Challengers United
Sandy Point F.C
Upcoming Division I Matches:

Saturday 17th October:

3:00 p.m – Dieppe Bay Eagles vs. Hard Times – Bath Village Playing Field
3:00 p.m – Conaree Fireball Int’l vs. Davis Const. Lodge Patriots – Ottleys Playing Field


The Women will begin their season on Tuesday 20th October. Nine teams will contest the championship this season.

Tuesday 20th October:

5:30 p.m – SOL Island Auto Conaree vs. Winners Circle Newtown United

Thursday 22nd October:

5:30 p.m St. Peters Blue Angels vs. Gordon’s St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers

Following the successful FIFA Women’s Coaching Course, the coaches are well equipped for a competitive women’s league.

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