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Sport is strategic and demands leadership – CFU delegates reminded

Member delegates to the 40th Ordinary Congress of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) held their working session with the admonition for unity provided by Deputy Director of Sports Jeffery Hazel in his welcome remarks.

The CFU Congress was held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort, on 29th July, 2017.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Sports Shawn Richards, Hazel told the Congress it was important to remember the value of sport to the region and to the individual countries.

Deputy Director Hazel said, “Sports has within its construct a unifying language of cohesion, competition and comradery.”

He continued, “There was a time when many of us thought that Caribbean football will not make inroads in the international arena. But Congresses, like this, show that sport, in all its forms, is not just about the exertion of force, but sport is strategic, and it demands visionary leadership, bold decision-making and commitment to the cause.”

According to Hazel, “These translate to attitudes and attributes that, of necessity, must be passed on to our young people, and all the citizens, if our islands are to be competitive in every facet of our endeavours.”

CFU Acting President Rignaal Francisca gave some insight into what the Congress would examine.

He said, “In addition to reviewing the past year (activities), and the audited financial statements, this Congress also has the important task of reviewing, in detail, the draft statutes, as we move toward ratification of our Constitution.”

Other internal reviews, Acting President Francisca said, are aimed at “ensuring that football is aligned for development and focus.”

He congratulated all teams that took part in competitions last year. “While winning is supreme, participation, constant participation, is important,” he said.

Francisca also commended Jamaica ‘Raggae Boyz’ for advancing to a second consecutive Gold Cup Final and for their overall performance.

“Their progress is testimony to the vision of Captain Horace Burrell, and it proved that his legacy will be eternal,” Francisca stated.

Commendations were also extended to SKNFA President Anthony Johnson and the management team and volunteers for the hard work done on behalf of the CFU in preparing for the Congress.

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