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Spurs, Cayon Get Off The Mark With Wins

After three nights of goalless football in the inaugural Super Six Playoffs, the goals began
pouring in on the weekend with a total of seven goals scored on Saturday night. Hobson
Enterprises Garden Hotspurs nabbed a quick 2-1 win over SOL IAS Conaree, while Flow 4G
Cayon Rockets signaled they mean business in these playoffs with a resounding 3-1 victory over
St. Pauls.

Conaree vs. Spurs

Scoring for Spurs:
Everette Ritchen 3rd min
Diandra Challenger 8th min

Scoring for Conaree
Jazzil Francis 36th min

St. Pauls vs. Cayon

Scoring for Cayon:
Javern Matthew 20th min
Vinceroy Nelson struck twice 77th & 90th min

Scoring for St. Pauls:
Keithroy Freeman (pk) 50th min

St. Paul’s lost their main goalkeeper in Jamal Jeffers who picked up an injury in the first half and
according to Coach Iroy Cunga Jeffers; he believes that played a role in their defeat. “My main
goal keeper got injured. That is a big factor because he is a plus,” he said of Jeffers. As for
Jeffers’ replacement, he commended him for his efforts. “He is a very young goalkeeper, 18/19
years old; just coming into the team coming into a big game like this. So he will be under
extreme pressure so we have to expect that. The team expected that too,” he explained.

Vinceroy Nelson was the man of the match having scored two goals and assisting one. He said
that the aim was to defeat St. Paul’s when it really mattered, having lost to St. Pauls multiple times during the regular season. “Previously we played against St. Paul’s three different times
and we lost (all) three. At the beginning of this game we decided that we are going to hit them
where it really matters and that’s what motivated us basically going into the game,” Nelson said.

As for the outcome of the other match between Spurs and Conaree, Coach Austin “Dico”
Huggins praised his team’s resilience in defense. “It’s a very good feeling but I don’t think we
won it how we wanted to. We had to play away from our game plan, but nevertheless the guys
were resilient in defense. We stood up against all the long balls and the crosses that came from
Conaree relentlessly. We were able to maintain our composure,” he said.
Shawn Martin, Captain of Conaree said losing two goals early in the first half, made life hard for
his team for the rest of the match. “We made two mistakes from the start and it punished us for
the whole game. We tried our hardest to get back in the game but we were unfortunate tonight;
unlucky,” he said.

Caption: Man of the Match Vinceroy Nelson of Cayon F.C.