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St Kitts Football Association Launches Final Four Competition

St Kitts Nevis Football Association launched its Final Four Competition in with an exciting promotion. The SKNFA held a promotion on Central Street on Friday with the teams of the Final Four Competition. The Promotion which was dubbed “Meet the Team, Meet the Fans”, was part of the SKNFA plan of giving the fans an opportunity to meet their favourite team.

The Final Four promotion was planned in order for the fans to meet the teams in a fun and festive atmosphere. The promotion also gave the teams the opportunity to launch the ever popular team chants. The Presidents, Coaches and Managers of the teams have been involved in promotion of their teams and plans for the playoffs during the past week on various sports talk shows.

The promotion began with Rams Village Superstars who released their new chant that was written by King Konris a fellow villager. The team President spoke of the team’s plans for the final four and where their struggle in the beginning of the season and the determination to actually gain a spot in the top four. He also noted that they will be trying to win a third cup in the season.

Conaree was the next team given the opportunity to engage their fans. Not to be outdone Conaree played their chant which was composed by lead singer of the Grandmaster “Smiley”. Speaking for the team were several players as they introduced each other and promised that although they are a smaller team that they are coming to win. They sent a message to the other teams that they will not be a walk over and that they are coming with everything in the playoffs.

Up next was the current champions Delphic Newtown United who are also known for their chants and did not disappoint their many fans in attendance. They fans joined their team in singing and dancing to their chants. One of the members of the team rallied his fans as he spoke about retaining their championship and that all the other teams would be defeated.

Each team was given an opportunity to speak to their fans and get them fired up and excited about their chances of winning the competition. This part of the promotion was interactive as fans shouted and danced to the recorded chants of each team.

During the promotion giveaways were done as fans were asked a series of questions for a chance to win tickets to Sunday’s game. Digicel was also onboard and distributed free credit and gifts to the many football fans.

Marketing Manager of the SKNFA, Andrea Liburd stated, “The promotion was done in order to give the teams a chance to bond with their fans. It is also an opportunity for teams to sell their shirts and other merchandise. Our goal is to ensure that fans are an integral part of the final four and that they do so by wearing their team shirts and colours at each game. I want to encourage the fans to be as loud as possible when cheering on their team; we want a festive atmosphere all throughout the playoffs”

More Friday afternoon promotions will be held during the playoffs so fans that missed the first promotion have a chance to be a part of the other promotion. S L Horsford St Pauls were not in attendance at the promotion.

The Final Four begins with the Division 1 playoffs on Saturday 4th June at Newtown Playing Field. The teams that are competing in the final four for the Division 1, and a chance to be promoted to the Premier Division, are Cayon FC, SPD United, Trafalgar Southstars, and Conaree Fireballs Int’l. The first game begins 5pm with SPD United vs. Trafalgar Southstars and at 7pm Cayon FC vs. Conaree Fireballs Int’l.

On Sunday 5th June the Premier Division Final Four Playoff begins at 6pm with Delphic Newtown United vs Conaree then 8pm S L Horsford’s St Pauls vs. Rams Village Superstars.


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