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St Kitts Nevis Sugar Boyz Beat Grenada Spice Boyz 1-0

National Team File photo
The Senior National Team left the Federation for the second leg of the Grenada friendly match scheduled for Saturday 2nd April. The team consisted of some young players who were added to the team, this would be for some the first time playing at this level.

The St Kitts Nevis team which consisted of both young and experienced players held their own during the first half and showed glimpses of hope. At the end of the first half both teams were scoreless with no goals finding the back of the net. The two teams played with great resilience but at the 66th minute Alexis “Lecky” Saddler would quiet the crowd at the Grenada National Stadium with a well placed goal in the back of the net. The goal would be the only goal of the game.

The win for St Kitts Nevis is considered by some as redemption for the lost in the Digicel Cup last year. The lost in Grenada during the Digicel Cup was the first time St Kitts Nevis ever lost to Grenada. The St Kitts Nevis team is in its rebuilding phase and has been giving new and younger players the opportunity to represent the country. Some of the younger players are also training with the under 23 national squad which is preparing for the Olympic Qualifiers in a few months.

The St Kitts Nevis Football Association would like to congratulate the team for a job well done.

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