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St. Kitts-Nevis to host 40th CFU Congress

The 40th Annual Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Congress is scheduled to be held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort on Saturday, 29th July, commencing at 9 am.

Delegations from member countries of the CFU began arriving on St. Kitts on Thursday, 27th July. A planned welcome reception will be held at Carambola Beach Club on Friday.

In addition to CFU delegates, event organizer (the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association SKNFA) will also welcome representatives from CONCACAF and FIFA to St. Kitts-Nevis and to the Congress.

In addition, the Local Organizing Committee has arranged for a tour and dinner at Brimstone Hill.

On hosting such a major event, SKNFA President Anthony Johnson said, “St. Kitts-Nevis has always been renowned for being an excellent host country. We felt that it was timely that we hosted a Congress, such as this one, we being a member of the Caribbean Football Union for a very long time, and it is my understanding it is only the second time we are hosting such an event.”

“I would have spoken to the President of CFU some months ago and expressed an interest in hosting this Congress, and they were delighted to accept our offer to host,” Johnson explained.

SKNFA President Johnson thanked the CFU and the members of the Local Organizing Committee, who, he said, have worked very hard to ensure that the Congress would be a successful one in terms of the organization and in terms of logistics.

He said, “I believe it will be a very exciting time for all of the delegates who would be traveling from all of the member countries. We look forward to hosting them, and perhaps they would leave with very fond memories that would encourage them to return in their private capacities.”

Meanwhile, CFU General Secretary Neil Cochrane said the 40th Ordinary Congress of the CFU would examine most aspects of Caribbean football.

He said, “We will be looking at the financial position of the Union. We would also be looking at the restructuring, the way forward, in terms of our competitions.”

Cochrane was referring to the ‘One CONCACAF Program’ aimed at bringing more program unity for the Americas.

Cochrane continued, “We will be looking at restructuring our programs, looking more at the grassroots level and grassroots competitions, looking at schoolboys competitions more from a regional perspective… an intra-regional approach that we are contemplating.”

“We also have a vacant position of the First Vice President, so it would be an electoral Congress as well,” said Cochrane.

Cochrane thanked SKNFA President Johnson and General Secretary Stanley Jacobs, as well as the Local Organizing Committee, “for the work it has done, making sure that everything is in order. We believe St. Kitts will be a beautiful host for us, and we look forward to enjoying a few days in Sugar City”.

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