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St. Kitts-Nevis U-17 attacked by French St. Martin

The SKNFA has been notified that following the game involving the St. Kitts U-17 vs. the French St. Martin U-17 in St. Martin which ended in a 2-2 draw, the St. Kitts U-17 team was attacked by players of the French St. Martin U-17 and their supporters.

The SKNFA U-15 team who at the time were witnessing the match also came under attack by spectators. Several of our players in both U-17 and U-15 sustained injuries and were hospitalized. At least one player from the U-17 remains in the hospital.

The SKNFA is very disturbed and concerned about this recent development in St. Martin and has activated our Emergency Committee to put in place a plan of action to deal with this crisis. The SKNFA would like to ensure all parents of the U-17 and U-15 teams and the entire St. Kitts-Nevis community that the safety of our young footballer is of paramount importance at this time.

The SKNFA has already contacted the parents of the players who were injured as a result of this incident and has apprised them of the situation.

The SKNFA has contacted the various Government officials and ministries, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Sam Condor, Minister of Sports, Honourable Richard Skerritt, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports Lloyd Lazar and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Mrs. Astonia Browne for assistance in dealing with this serious matter.

The SKNFA is also in contact with the local LIAT representatives and other airlines to bring the players home as soon as possible.

Measures have also been put in place to ensure the safety of all our players and their coaches in St. Martin until their return home.

The SKNFA would like to ensure all parents that we are doing all within our powers to address the currant situation and get the players and coaches home as soon as possible.

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