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St Kitts & Nevis U-17defeated by Trinidad & Tobago

The St Kitts & Nevis Women’s U-17 team was outplayed on Sunday 2nd October by the Trinidad and Tobago team. The game ended 11-0 in favour of Trinidad and Tobago.

The St Kitts & Nevis team did their best to hold off the Trinidadians but due to lack of experience, the Trinidadians came away with a very convincing win. Trinidad and Tobago are now in the position to be declared the winner of their Group with one game left.

St Kitts & Nevis team will travel today,Monday 3rd October to Trinidad to complete the home and away series against Trinidad & Tobago. The game will be played on the 5th October.

The St Kitts & Nevis young ladies must be commended for the efforts they have displayed as most of them have not been in competition since their primary school days. The tournament has given them a sense of purpose, as there were some glimpses of very talented young ladies within the team.

The SKNFA would like to thank the young ladies, their parents, schools and the general public for the support shown to the young ladies.

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