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St. Pauls Suffer Back To Back Defeats

The winning ways of S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls seemed to be waning as they lost their second consecutive match on Saturday in the National Bank Premier league when they fell 1-0 to Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs.

It was sweet victory for Austin Dico Huggins, coach of Spurs, who up until last season was coach of St. Pauls for several years, winning two league championship with them in the process. “It feel real good. The guys trained hard this week and we had full confidence that we were going to win this game today. They came out, they played very well in terms of ball possession. We were totally in charge, we managed to score some goals and thank God we were victorious this evening,” Coach Huggins said. Asked how they will build on this victory, Coach Huggins pointed that he has some of his better players returning from injury. “Tonight we started with two of those guys who were out and that made us a little stronger so we are now able to compete and look forward for better things,” he explained.

Vice-Captain of St. Pauls Jamal Jeffers said its time his team start winning again. “We have to stick together, we have to go back the drawing board. See what was done tonight, try to capture every mistake and try to patch it up,” Jeffers said.

In the night’s other match:



Shaquille Pringle 46th min


Tristan Hanley  (saddlers) 43rd min

Steve Barnes (saddlers) 66th min

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