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St. Peters and Spurs Deliver Seven Goal Thriller

St. Peters and Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs delivered one of the most entertaining
matches of the Super Six Playoffs with a seven goal thriller on Wednesday. St. Peters came from
behind to score two goals in the last two minutes of regulation time to win the match 4-3.

Scoring for St. Peters
Kirkland Harris 18th min
Elanjah Govia 51st min
Tyquan Terrell 88th min
Oszani Purcell 90th min

Scoring for Garden Hotspurs
Dahjal Kelly 32nd min
Steve Archibald 58th min
Diandra Challenger 59th min

After the match Coach Austin “Dico” Huggins of Spurs bemoaned his team blowing the chances
to put themselves in pole position to make the finals. “Lack of concentration. This has been
happening over and over, time and time again. Our defence is making mistakes that have been
costing us matches. I think we really need to look into that and try to make some adjustments to
ensure that the rest of the games (in the Super Six) the other games are much tighter,” Huggins

Coach of St. Peters Anthony “Nets” Isaacs said he made a tactical change towards the end of the
match to make adopt a more attacking approach and it paid off. “We made two crucial subs at
the end; removing one of the defender to get three at the back to get more offense,” Coach Isaac

Man of the match was Tyquan Terrell of St. Peters. Meanwhile in the night’s other match Flow
4G Cayon Rockets and Rams Village Superstars ended in a 0-0 draw. Despite no goals, the
match had end to end goalmouth action. Man of the match was Village defender Dillon Caines.


Caption: Man of the Match Tyquan Terrell