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Statement – Allegations on Ahmed Mohamed

The St Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) has received and reviewed an online article published today in The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom titled “Fifa investigates after St Kitts appoint coach accused of sexual abuse.”

The SKNFA wishes its stakeholders and the general public to know that FIFA has not contacted the SKNFA to investigate any of the allegations contained in the said article.

Prior to hiring Mr. Ahmed Mohamed as the SKNFA’s Director of Football the SKNFA conducted a serious and fulsome due diligence exercise involving consultations with members of the Barbados Football Association, CONCACAF and other persons who knew Mr. Mohamed personally. The SKNFA was, and remains, fully satisfied that Mr. Mohamed is of good character – the allegations made against him being false – and he has the requisite technical ability to perform his functions to take SKNFA football to higher levels.

The SKNFA acknowledges the seriousness of the allegations referenced in the article, but we are of the firm belief that the article was maliciously contrived by a certain faction of persons who wish to tarnish the good name of the SKNFA and our recently appointed Director of Football.

The SKNFA will continue to create an environment, where our players, male and female, can achieve their maximum potential in a safe, fun and professional environment.


Techell McLean – General Secretary