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Strikers survive another year at the top tier.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Trafalgar Southstars, having completed their season ahead of all the other teams, they have now earned themselves a shot at graduating to the Premier Division. St. Thomas Trinity Strikers must now defend themselves in their relegation fight against Trafalgar Southstars.

Cayon FC finished a flawless season and were automatically promoted to the Premier Division. Southstars were able to defeat Bath Fc, Davis Construction Lodge Patriots and Youth and Experience in the playoffs and went on to face Strikers in an attempt at promotions. This however, did not play out in favour of Southstars.

In the 8th minute Darryl Caines was able to score the first goal for strikers. Recaldo Archibald scored five minutes later to equalize the score.

Dornel Bernier scored the winning goal in the 70th minute of play to secure their spot at the top tier. Congratulations are extended to St. Thomas Trinity Strikers and Cayon F.C. See you guys in the Premier League.

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