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Sugar Girlz Play Costa Rica Tonight In Women’s World Cup Qualifier

The Sugar Girls are confident ahead of their match tonight against Costa Rica, their first of the Concacaf Women’s World Cup Qualifier.  On Monday, they departed the RLB International Airport on a chartered flight to Costa Rica, and the confidence level in the team is highest it’s ever been. Coach Earl Jones, National Programme Coach in charge of the women’s team is expecting nothing less than the best from his team, which will comprise a mixture of local and overseas based players. “We have an excellent group and I think the girls are ready. They have been anxious as well as me,” Jones said.

Regarding the overseas based players; he thinks they are blending in quite well with the team. “The overseas based players are no stranger to the ones here; they are ready it’s just like a cook up—to me the cook up is the national dish,” he chuckled, as he laid out the unity of the team. “What we have been doing over the past weeks is preparing them mentally. Not only physically and technically, but tactically; we have been doing a lot of work. We studied this Costa Rica team and trust me, we are ready. We have everything we need to go there and come back victorious,” he added.

Team Manager Cherise Queeley said everything is in place for their trip, as they departed the RLB International Airport on a chartered flight on Monday evening. She called on the Federation to log on online, watch the match and support the girls. The match will begin 9pm Eastern Caribbean time and will be broadcast live on Flow Extra 5 and the Concacaf Mobile app. All the best to the Sugar Girls as they begin their journey to the World Cup.


 Caption: The St. Kitts Nevis Senior Women’s Team before boarding their flight to leave to Costa Rica on Monday night.