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Sugar Girlz Tackle Curacao Tonight In Concacaf Women WCQ

The Sugar Girlz may have lost their first World Cup Qualifier against Costa Rica on Thursday, but their spirits are by no means cast down. They are eagerly anticipating their next encounter tonight against Curacao, which will be played in the Dominican Republic. National Programme Coach in charge of the Senior Women’s Team Earl Jones believes the Costa Rica match was a learning experience and they are looking forward to the Curacao match. “We believe that our game plan—we executed it well. It’s just one or two minor things we would need to make in our upcoming game…. we will be victorious in that one,” Jones promised.

The team that played on Thursday had a nice balance between overseas-based and local players, and this auger well for the team’s success. “The girls understand the system well. We have some intelligent players. We have the likes of Cloey Uddenberg who has been playing for St. Kitts and Nevis for a very long time,” Coach Jones said. “We have a lot of other players that are there still. This team basically is a team that knows each other…that’s why we are saying now we are very confident moving to our next game,” he added.

Coach Jones thanked the football fans in St. Kitts and Nevis for their unwavering support at the start of the campaign and promised to give them much to cheer about in the coming days. “We believe that in our upcoming game, (Curacao) will pay for the loss we suffered the other night; I just want to say to everybody back home, stick with us and keep rallying. We saw a lot of support coming from you guys and we want to say thanks to you for that,” Jones said. The match will be broadcast live on the Concacaf YouTube Channel and Facebook page at 7pm tonight. It is also expected to be channeled through the SKNFA Facebook page.