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Team SKN fall to one goal compliments T&T but will qualify with a victory over French Guiana. .

Basseterre St. Kitts- Anguilla lost their second match of the CFU Caribbean Cup tonight (12th October, 2012)to French Guiana who, until then were tied on points with them. The goal came after French Guiana had already scored three goals. It was Kittitian born Terrence Rogers who scored the goal and caused the crowd to erupt into an uproar of excitement for our neighbouring island.

In the end, French Guiana convincingly outplayed Anguilla and captured their first victory of the tournament. The full-time score was 4-1.

The most highly anticipated match up for the tournament followed with hosts St. Kitts-Nevis coming up against football giants Trinidad & Tobago. With a packed stadium there to witness the game, both teams did not disappoint.

Within the first fifteen (15) minutes both teams had already created ample chances but none were able to capitalize on their opportunities. In the 51st minute however, Kevon Carter put a dagger through the hearts of Kittitian and Nevisian fans with his simple tap-in goal.

Nevertheless, this did not stop team SKN nor their supporters. The team kept on fighting, though they could not manage to get a goal past T&T’s goalkeeper. Trinidad & Tobago are now top of the table with six (6) points. Tomorrow’s matches will determine the definite group placements.

In the event that St. Kitts-Nevis win their match, we WILL be eligible for qualification. We wish our team all the best!

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