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Team St. Kitts-Nevis is ready, are you?

With one day left to go before the start of the CFU Caribbean Cup Qualifying Round GRoup V, coach Jeffrey Hazel is confident that his team will qualify for atleast the next round.

In speaking to coach Hazel, he expressed his elation in being chosen to be the senior team’s national coach. He further expounded that this was not his first appointment as a national team coach but was his first at the senior level. Coach pedro as he is better known said that he has called upon the likes of experienced men to take his team to the next round and beyond. Among his team are guys that have played for their clubs and their countries at many different levels.

In addition, he has harnessed talent from overseas based players who have the experience in international club football to lend a leg in this endeavour. Coach Pedro says that his short term goal is to make it our of the group, then to win the CFu Caribbean Cup and ultimately make it to the Gold Cup.

The SKNFA wishes coach Pedro, his staff and his team the very best and look forward to supporting them at the games and in the not so distant future. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!

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