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Teams Jockey for Positions in SKNFA competitions

The intense schedule of football competitions continue as teams vie to get into the SKNFA Easter Cup

The second round of the SKNFA Premier League was just completed, leaving four teams sitting well and most favoured to compete in the Easter Cup Finals.

Teams that have qualified, based on points accumulated in the second round only, are as follows:

SOL Island Auto Conaree –        20 points from 9 games

RAMS Village Superstars  –        19 points from 9 games

HE Garden Hotspurs        –        19 points from 9 games

FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets –        17 points from 9 games

These are the four Premier League teams that will compete in the SKNFA Easter Cup Competition from the 13th April. In this competition, No. 1 will play against No. 4, and No. 2 will play No. 3. to determine which teams enter the final of the Easter Cup.

Although Superstars and Hotspurs have the same number of points, Superstars with a better goal average secured the second position.

According to Dexter Tyrell, manager of the SKNFA Secretariat, attention is also being given to the third and final round of the Premier League. As of 14th March, all teams would have played their required matches. The push is now on for every team to get a berth in the Final 4.

“As it is, the teams that are out front would be HE Garden Hotspurs leading the pack with 42 points, followed closely by FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets, with 39 points, and S L Horsford St. Paul’s United now on 38 points,” Tyrell informed.

In the remainder of the points standing:

SOL Island Auto Conaree           –        34 points

RAMS Village Superstars            –        31

Winners Circle Newtown            –        26

ELCO Limited St. Peter’s            –        26

United Old Road Jets                 –        16

Fast Cash SPD United               –        15

Delta Petroleum Sandy Point     –        3

“The competition, for me, is wide open. It is still open for the first seven teams to have a chance to get into the Final 4. Teams have about eight games to go, and if any team wins all its games, they would accumulate an additional 24 points, but truthfully, it would be fair to say that team Sandy Point has already eliminated itself.”

“I do believe over the next couple of days, you will see some good football.”

Meanwhile, the stage has been reached for what is called ‘The Round of Sixteen” for the 2017 SKNFA – FA Cup Competition – a knock-out competition. Games are being played to get to through the next stages that lead to the SKNFA – FA Cup Finals.

The quarter finals of the FA Cup will be held on the 28th and the 30th of March.

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