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The brotherhood takes to the field today! SKN U-17 vs USVI U-17 WCQ match at 7 p.m.

Their day is finally here! We’ve watched them grow up and now we have to stand back and see if we’ve done enough. Their older brothers (U-20) suffered a 4-0 loss to Cuba yesterday, now can they avenge their family’s defeat? Team Grenada has removed itself from the tournament on very short notice leaving three teams. They are home team St.Kitts-Nevis, Barbados and USVI. At 7:00pm SKN U-17 comes up against USVI U-17 at Warner Park.

The national U-17 players have been playing with each other since the Grassroots stage of their lives, their chemistry is exceptional. They no longer see each other as teammates, but as brothers, as a family. With the very late retraction of the Grenada U-17 team, there will only be one(1)game per night.

This morning, “The Brotherhood” left for church to give praises and thanks to the almighty. We anxiously await their home debut match and are behind them one hundred percent. The SKNFA wishes them the very best of luck! Go SKN!

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