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The results for weekend matches are in!

Digicel Premier Division-Saturday 12th May, 2012.

Rams Village Superstars 3 vs Mantab 0
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scorers for Rams Village Superstars
Devaughn Elliott 51st minute
Dahjal Kelly 85th minute
Javed Rogers 90th minute

Missed penalty
*Karae Jarvis missed a penalty for Mantab in the 58th minute

Yellow Cards
Tristan Hanley (Mantab) 55th minute
Kelvin Taylor (Mantab) 68th minute

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Mario Parry, Sherlene Browne & Tristley Bassue


Harris Paint St. Peters 2 vs S. L. Horsford St. Pauls 1
(Half Time 1 – 1)

Scorers for Harris Paint St. Peters
Kareem Harris 4th minute (penalty)
Asim Jenkins 89th minute

Scorers for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls
Julian Benjamin 13th minute

Yellow Cards
Kyrhon Phillip (St. Peters) 21st minute
Marvin Buchanan (St. Pauls) 25th minute
Zajah Issacc (St. Peters) 30th minute

* Officials were Caldon Duncan, Delroy Jeffers, Tristley Bassue & Steadroy Techeira
Division 1 Playoffs also at Warner Park Stadium
St. Peters Jrs 2 vs Davis Construction Lodge Patriots 1
(Half Time 1 – 1)

Scorers for St. Peters Jrs
Livingston Guishard 19th minute
Xzavier Harris 8ist minute

Scorer for Davis Construction Lodge Patriots
Eddie McKoy 40th minute

Yellow Cards
Calvert Chiverton (Lodge) 33rd minute
Manewik Browne (St. Peters) 58th minute
Mervin Lewis (Lodge) 89th minute

* Officials were Stedroy Douglas, Tristley Bassue, Jason Rouse & Ike Inniss

Sunday 13th May, 2012 – At Warner Park Stadium

Digicel Premier League

Cayon FC 1 vs UDC Garden Hotspurs 0
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scorer for Cayon FC
Donroy Liburd 31st minute

Yellow Card
Kurthney Small (Cayon) 90th minute

* Officials were James Matthew, Graeme Browne, Ike inniss & Tristley Bassue


Conaree FC 2 vs Delphic Newtown United 0
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scorers for Conaree FC
Errol O’Loughlin 41st minute (penalty)
Glenroy Samuel 79th minute

Yellow Cards
Errol O’Loughlin (Conare) 32nd minute
Oge Samuel (Newtown) 40th minute
Jason Isaac (Newtown) 41st minute
Kiethroy Saddler (Newtown) 42nd minute
Avalon McCall (Newtown) 50th minute
Zachery Getz (Conaree) 75th minute

SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League
St. Peters Blue Angels 3 vs. C.C.C Bath United Females 1

St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 2 vs. Cayon 0

Delphic Newtown United 18 vs. S.L.Horsford St. Pauls 1

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