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Trafalgar Southstars take victory from KFC Trinity Challengers’ grasp.

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Trafalgar Southstars have undoubtedly earned themselves the right to be called SKNFA Whit Cup Champions 2013. From a spectator’s point of view, the team founded in Challengers exuded much more zest in the opening minutes of the game.

In the 28th minute of play,after many chances to get one step closer to victory, KFC Challengers finally scored their first goal. Chesney James celebrated this feat and his teammates expressed gratitude toward him for it. At this point Challengers were the first half victors. As if the crowd needed to be convinced any further, clyde Herbert found the back of the net carrying the score to 2-nil.

Though the halftime pep talks were not heard by onlookers, but whatever Trafalgar’s coach said must have been of pure brilliance. Less than ten (10) minutes into the second half of the game and Southstars had already conjured up multiple goalscoring opportunities. Finally, it was Kaju Hendrickson who gave his team its first glimmer of hope.

Fifteen minutes later, Keyshawn Liburd lifted the spirits of Trafalgar supporters when he levelled the game. Now it was anyone’s game and the intensity rocketted to an all time high fro that day. ONe minute there was a scoring opportunity on one end and the next minute at the other. Both goalkeepers were equally as engaged in an attempt to save their team, even if it was until regulation time ended.

Ricardo Gumbs deserved to have his name chanted all around the stadium. Imagine this: The ball come over to him and he touches it before it hits the ground, does two “hiccups” and delivers a powerful volley into the goal. What a way to win a championship.

Trafalgar Southstars, with a massive turnaround secured the victory and the crowds approval.

The SKNFA extends Congratulations to the Technical staff and players of Trafalgar Southstars.

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