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Une defaite lourde pour Haiti-A heavy Defeat for Haiti

St Kitts-Nevis wins Group D in the CFU Olympic Qualifying Tournament in an exhilarating game with Haiti. Team St Kitts-Nevis needed to win the game in order to move on to the other group stage of the tournament while Haiti needed at least a draw or win.

Within the opening minutes of the game team Haiti showed their dominance with several shots to the St Kitts-Nevis goalkeeper Julani Archibald. Archibald was able to dismiss most of the attempts until Gerald Edwards sent the ball sailing pass the goalkeeper into the back of the net in the 36th minute. The goal placed Haiti in the winning position and placed pressure on the St Kitts Nevis team. At the end of the first half the score line was 1-0 in favour of Haiti.

The second half of the game was a renewed game for St Kitts-Nevis as they continued to press into the Haitian half. The constant pressure of the St Kitts-Nevis team lead to a goal in the 79th minute with a kick from Devaughn Elliot into the box with several attackers and defenders resulting to an own goal from Johnny Joseph in an attempt to clear the ball. The goal was the equalizer and gave renewed energy to the St Kitts-Nevis team. With less than 3 minutes left in regulation time a free kick across from Devaughn Elliot yet again would prove beneficial for St Kitts Nevis as the ball sailed pass the goalkeeper for the second and winning goal for St Kitts-Nevis.

As the minutes dissipated Haiti could only hope to equalize with desperate shots to goal. Their attempts were denied by the talented Julani Archibald. As the final whistle blew the stadium erupted with screams and chants.

St Kitts Nevis is now set to move on to the next group stage of the tournament. Teams that have already qualified are St Kitts-Nevis, Cuba and Trinidad. There is still Group A to be played which consists of Suriname, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and St Vincent & The Grenadines
Earlier in the evening Antigua & Barbuda defeated St Lucia 2-1.

CFU Olympic Qualifying Tournament Group D Results
Thursday 21st July 2011

First Game

Haiti 2 vs Antigua/Barbuda 1
(Half Time 1 – 1)

Scorers for Haiti
Charles Herald Junior 2nd minute
Guerrier Wilde Donald 48th minute

Scorer for Antigua/Barbuda
Stefan Smith 27th minute

Yellow Cards
Richard Edmond Pierre (Haiti) 29th minute
Zeon Armstrong (Antigua) 59th minute
Stefan Smith (Antigua) 71st minute
Omarie Daniel (Antigua) 73rd minute
Sonny Norde ( Haiti) 75th minute
Johnny Joseph (Haiti) 76th minute
Alex Phillip (Antigua) 76th minute

* Final score Haiti 2 – Antigua/Barbuda 1

Second Game

St. Kitts/Nevis 2 vs St. Lucia 1
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scorers for St. Kitts/Nevis
Travis “Rug Rat” Somersall 39th minute
Terrance Warde 79th minute

Scorer For St. Lucia
Zaine Pierre 90th minute

Yellow Cards
Lionel Nicky (St. Lucia) 44th minute
Eric Garbriel (St. Lucia) 87th minute

*Final score St. Kitts/Nevis 2 – St. Lucia 1

Saturday 23rd July 2011
First Game

Haiti 2 vs St. Lucia 0
(Half Time 2 – 0)

Scorers for Haiti
Sonny Norde 7th minnte
Charles Herald Junior 36th minute

Yellow Cards
Joseph Jamil (St. Lucia) 44th minute
Jackinto Jean (Haiti) 58th minute
Pernal Williams (St. Lucia) 60th minute
Charles Herold Junior (Haiti) 73rd minute

* Officials were Kevin Thomas (Jamaica), Dwayne E banks (Cayman Islands), Dopico Parez Hiran (Cuba) & Brea Despaigne Moros Daniel (Cuba).
Match Commissioner: Victor Daniel (Grenada)
Referees Assessor: Victor Moore (Barbados)

Second Game

St. Kitts/Nevis 2 vs Antigua/Barbuda 1
(Half Time 0 – 1)

Scorers for St. Kitts/Nevis
Captain Devaunghn Elliott 50th minute
Travis “Rug Rat” Somersall 56th minute

Scorer For Antigua/Barbuda
Akeem Thomas 1st minute

Yellow Cards
Luke Lauran (Ant) 80th minute
Bradley Williams (SKN) 25th minute
Javeim Blanchette (SKN) 30th minute
Juliani Archibald (SKN) 40th minute
Shaquille Pringle (SKN) 8oth minute

*Officials were Neal Baizan (TNT), Ainsley Rochard (TNT), Dion Niel (TNT) & Kenville Holder (Barbados).
Match Commissioner: Victor Daniel (Grenada)
Referees Assessor: Victor Moore (Barbados)

Monday 25th July 2011First Game

Antigua/Barbuda 2 vs St. Lucia 1
(Half Time 1 – 0)

Scorers for Antigua/Barbuda
Roy Gregory 24th minute
Elvis Thomas 82nd minute

Scorer for St. Lucia
Tremain Paul 67th minute

Yellow Cards
Jamil Joseph(St. Lucia) 20th minute
Eric Gabriel (St. Lucia) 28th minute
Alex Philip (Antigua) 56thth minute
Pessius Polius (St. Lucia) 73rd minute
Kevin Edwards (St. Lucia) 75th minute
Omarie Daniel (Antigua) 88th minute
Pernal Williams (St. Lucia) 88th minute
Lauran Luke (Antigua) 89th minute

* Officials were Andujar JuniorAntonio (Cuba), Dopico Parez Hiran (Cuba), Ainsley Rochard (TNT) & Brea Moros Daniel (Cuba)
*Match Commissioner: Anthony James (Jamaica)
*Referees Assessor: Victor Moore (Barbados)

Second Game

St. Kitts/Nevis 2 vs Haiti 1
(Half Time 0 – 1)

Scorers for St. Kitts/Nevis
Johny Joseph of Haiti scored an own Goal in the 78th minute
Javeim Blanchette 87th minute

Scorer For Haiti
Gerald Edwards 36th minute

Yellow Cards
Josh Leader (SKN) 6th minute
Travis “Rug Rat” Somersall (SKN) 55thth minute
Johny Joseph (Haiti) 58thth minute
Irandi Byron (SKN) 65th minute
Garry Jean Rubin (Haiti) 73rd minute
Tishan Hanley (SKN) 78th minute

Red card
Alte Jacques Samuel (Haiti) 90th minute

*Officials were Neal Baizan (TNT), Egberth Paesch (Aruba), Dwayne E banks (Cayman Island) & Kevin Thomas(Jamaica).
*Match Commissioner: Victor Daniel (Grenada)
*Referees Assessor: Victor Moore (Barbados)

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