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Unstoppable Spurs Sink Southstars, St. Peters Edge Newtown

The first round of the SKNFA Premier League is almost done and the pressure is already building on Trafalgar Southstars. The team from West Basseterre has been struggling; yet to win a match or register a single point and Friday was no exception. They were defeated 2-0 by Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs at the Warner Park.

Scoring for Spurs 

Tishan Hanley 26th min
Deondre Challenger 65th min

Spurs started the match with most of their first team players on the bench or out injured. Spurs Assistant Coach Rohan Browne, said once all the players are fit, Spurs will be an unstoppable force. He added that there is a good feeling in the team and they are working hard to avoid complacency. “Right now we are just trying to avoid complacency. There is a good feeling in the team right now; we’re doing well…we will just continue to do what we are doing in training,” he said. 

As for coach Jevon Francis of Trafalgar Southstars, they will have to go back to the drawing board. “I encourage them to come to and play positive football; come out to win, come out to walk on the pitch with something on the scoresheet but once again it wasn’t so,” Francis lamented.  

In Friday’s other match, St. Peters F.C. edged S-Krave Newtown United 1-0.

Scoring for St. Peters
Aiden Nurse 43rd min

After the match we spoke to St. Peters coach Anthony Nets Isaac. “I was very disappointed with the first half of the game and coming into the second half. We went in and we came out with a different plan. We executed for the first 15, 20 minutes and then laid back and then the pressure started coming on us,” Isaac explained.