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Village, St. Pauls march into Carnival Cup finals

Rams Village Superstars and S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls are the finalists for this year’s SKNFA Carnival Cup scheduled to be played on Sunday at 7pm at the Warner Park. Village marched their way into the finals in impressive fashion after drubbing SOL Island Auto Supplies Conaree 4-0, while St. Pauls edged Hobson Enterprise Garden Hotspurs 1-0. Keithroy Freeman of St. Pauls scored in the 19th minute to give his side the win. Coach Austin Huggins of St. Pauls waded in the victory as the team continues St. Pauls’ unbeaten run so far in all matches this season. He spoke about how his team was able to win Thursday night. “We know the nature of the Garden Hotspurs, the way how they play. They are a good passing team. I asked my guys to be tighter in the midfield and to stop them from paying their style of game and when we do catch them with the counter attack and to also be strong in defense,” Huggins said.

Coach St. Clair Morris said his team would regroup from this loss and prepare for the second round next month. “The players did not have the fighting spirit going into the first half. We started the second half a bit better,” he said. “We need to be first to the ball. The motivation level, the spirit of the game wasn’t there.” He said he would be putting some programs in place to keep the players active during the Christmas, carnival season.

Village ran rings around Conaree in their 4-0 victory with two goals each coming from Kimaree Rogers in the 21st and 44th minute and from G’vaune Amory in the 57th and 87th minute.

Conaree never looked dangerous despite having a close chance in the halfway stage of the second half which was snuffed out by Village defenders.

The wingers put a lot of pressure on the Conaree defense, with Village looking to extend their lead. The pressure paid off with four goals and difficulty for Conaree to sustain the pressure. Even Conaree’s captain Mudassa Howe had a hard time defending and was sent off after being cautioned twice with yellow cards in the 73rd and 85th minute, thus giving him an early exit to the shower. Coach Jeffrey Hazel of Village is not surprised at his team’s sharp performance. “This is something we have been working on. We have been doing pretty well in the league thus far and so we wanted to cop off this part of the round with the championship. This is what we expected…the victory tonight is really what we wanted,” Coach Hazel said.

Conaree’s Coach Lester Morris said his team was simply not ready for the competition. “I don’t think the guys really were focused on playing in the Carnival Cup and as you see it showed up tonight,” Coach Morris said.

All eyes will be at the Warner Park this Sunday at 7pm to see who will lift the 2017 SKNFA Carnival Cup. Will Rams Village Superstars make it two in a row, or will S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls continue their unbeaten run so far in the season. Only time will tell.


 Caption: Village players celebrate the second goal against Conaree F.C. in Thursday night’s Carnival Cup semi-finals.

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