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Village Superstars advance to SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League ahead of St. Peters Blue Angels.

Tonight (9th August, 2012) marked the first game of the first ever semifinal match of the first ever SKNFA LIME Star Browne Women’s League. Village Superstars came up against St. Peters Blue Angels in a ever competitive game.

In the first half, St. Peters did their utmost best to try and keep Village at Bay, they failed however to do so before the end of the first half and suffered. Tracy Willock had struck. The Blue now face demise, their hopes for advancing to the finals were being tugged away.

In the second half, the Angels had some opportunities but failed to capitalize, Village took advantage of this and the result was two additional goals. That was the end of St. Peters’ chances to advance. The Village Superstars are now through to the finals and will face the winner of tomorrow’s second semi-final match between Delphic Newtown United and C.C.C Bath United.

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