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“Come out and witness SKN qualify” says SKN’s delegation; “We aim to be the best on all three nights” says T&T’s delegation.

This morning(9th October 2012) officials of the four competing teams of the CFU Caribbean Cup Group V Round I gathered at the Football House for a press conference. The conference, chaired by Mr. Vernon Springer of Winn FM served to further enlighten the general public on the happenings over the next few days as St. Kitts-Nevis look to qualify for Round II of the tournament. The SKNFA’s President and General Secretary as well as Office Pemberton of the St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force addressed the public on the what to expect on the nights of the game.

Trinidad & Tobago’s delegation displayed humility when answering questions related to their team’s expectations. Trinidad & Tobago knows that “the best team on the night of the three matches will win, we are planning on being the best on all three nights” stated the team’s head coach.

The Anguilla’s representatives assured those in attendance, at the football office and those in “Radioland” that the team is focused and eager to compete. They intend to “break a few hearts and cause some upsets “at this tournament.

Meanwhile the French Guianese were eager to rejoin the football family after a seven year break and has outlined their main goal as learning from the other teams. They have pulled a pool of young players, all home grown and feel prepared as they have been involved recently in quite a number of friendly matches.

St. Kitts & Nevis’ head coach Jeffrey “Pedro” Hazel said that he expects this tournament to be a very keenly contested one and that he wont be taking anyone lightly. Coach Bobby Howe of the USSF has been assisting him for a few weeks and is very honoured to have been given the chance to work with the team. Coach Howe was pleased with how well the overseas based players have integrated with the local players and both coaches are pleased with the team. In closing, Coach Pedro invited the general public to come on out to experience the matches on each night. He said that the “expectations are high, the goals and high but they are realistic”.

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